Hannah 1.5

Hannah was barren, unable to have children. Her husband treated her well, she was favored, but was not blessed (by the gift of having a child), due to her barrenness. However, her barrenness never quenched her passion for experiencing the blessing. She was crazy enough to let it overwhelm her emotions and her behavior during her prayer time with the Lord. She petitioned for life, where there wasn’t any. (1 Sam 1:11) Her passion activated the beginning of something that according to human understanding was impossible. Her passion birthed a new beginning. What would the Old Testament look like if Samuel had not been born? Sure, God could have blessed someone else with a “Samuel,” but He chose a women who cried out to Him, and believed her ending could be different from what her beginning and present circumstances told her. Hannah had hope for a life (fulfillment, success, blessing) where there was no hope for any life at all. Proverbs says “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” Don’t allow your circumstances or other people’s words to weaken your heart, and drain your hope. You’re beginning doesn’t have to define your end.

Keep your hope, a miracle of life is on its way.