Hannah 2.5


Hannah visited the temple with a heavy heart. She longed to have a child. The Bible says she petitioned before the Lord, and the Priest seeing her tears and “mumbled” words thought she was drunk. (1 Sam 1:13) Hannah has forever impressed my heart with the shape of perseverance for something unseen, accented with the willingness to look crazy, and be misunderstood, in all humility. So many times people want to change things by screaming and throwing things (like my toddler), but the Lord is close to the humble. I mean, a temper tantrum doesn’t really change things; it’s a mature passion, a secured trust no matter what happens, that believing in Gods sovereignty is more important than receiving an answer to prayer. She prayed with security in Gods sovereignty, knowing her beginning didn’t have to define her end with Him on her side.What’s impossible to you? Is it healing? Help forgiving someone? Mental or physical breakthrough? Your beginning doesn’t have to be your end.

Don’t give up on your unanswered prayer, just because it is unanswered.