Hannah 3.5


Do you ever feel forgotten? You’re not the only one. Continue reading…

Hannah had a son named Samuel. He was a special baby. She shouldn’t have had the experience of giving birth, (she was barren), but the Lord remembered her and blessed her. (1 Sam 1:19) Now pause, notice the Lord “remembered” her? I don’t think God forgot her. I don’t think God has forgotten you, and isn’t listening to your prayers either. Think about this… Think about your favorite song. Specifically the chorus. To start the song you begin with an intro and then verse one, eventually you arrive at the chorus… the chorus isn’t forgotten, it’s just not time yet. However, if you don’t play that song, you won’t get to that chorus EVER.

I think life is like that. Our decisions effect our future. If we don’t activate our faith (through our prayer & actions), God can’t use it, in His time. He doesn’t forget us. He never will. But in life we have to make choices that will align ourselves with the promises of God, to receive the promised blessing. You are not forgotten. Continue to do what you know is right. Keep praying, stay persistent, and work hard.

Your beginning doesn’t have to be your end, make choices today that will align yourself with the promises of God!