Hannah 5.5

CEB23184-C30B-4828-9640-DA8E66725ECEHere is my last thought about Samuel & Hannah. God chose Hannah to be Samuels mom for a reason. Hannah kept her promise to the Lord and brought Samuel to the “church”, to serve, after he was done nursing. (Woman of commitment.) She visited him once a year and brought him new clothes. If I had to check on my son once a year, I’d be reminding him of his manners, to listen when spoken to and taking a million selfies before leaving. I’m sure every moment they shared was just as raw and real as the moments she spent crying out for a child.

But, my point is this, I believe Samuel didn’t turn out like the corrupt priests sons, because of Hanna’s influence. Parents! Mentors! Leaders! You have world changers all around you. Sharing truth and love could be the one thing that keeps them “on track” in this crazy world.

I think Hannah would understand us, our pace of life, and our world. Hannah hardly saw her son. Mommies, listen! If you work and can’t tuck your kid in every night, it’s okay. Continue to do your best to RAISE your children, not just allow them to grow up. Teach them the Word of God, to love church, and to love people. God will take care of your child and their future! Their relationship with God starts with their relationship with you. Your commitment to the Lord and church, will largely impact your child’s commitment to the Lord and church. So do it with a passion. Your beginning doesn’t have to be your end, and it doesn’t have to be your child’s future. You can do this!