*New Series* Esther 1.6


“Life is hard.” Doesn’t it feel like that phrase is law? Something we are stuck with, something we can’t ever change? Esther was in a desperate situation, she needed the King to save her race, her people. She was queen, but she wasn’t above the law. The law said anyone who goes before the king without first being invited would die. However, she prepared herself respectfully, and courageously put her life in his hands. She went to him and pleaded he save her people from their coming destruction. His love for her, covered her from the law. Her courage to go before the king, saved her people. So it is true for us… God’s love can cover us in the most difficult of circumstances when we rely on our relationship with Him. Trust God with your confusion, your pain, your anxiety and fear.

He can even change your future if you give it to Him!