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A little over 10 years ago, I was 23. I asked myself “who am I?” and “what do I want people to know about me?” Have you asked yourself these questions?

I remember creating a mental checklist in my head. I am a pastors kid, the pastors daughter, I am a friend, sister and a daughter. I am a children’s pastor, a worship leader, a small group leader, a bible teacher, counselor, an event coordinator, and a creative admin. Then I thought, “That’s not what I want people to know about me.” So I asked myself again… “Who am I?” I ran through the list of some of the deeper, some things I had come to learn or believe in my early twenties… “I am an introvert with extrovert tendencies, I am a “goodie good,” the sheltered girl, a major people pleaser, and a perfectionist who hates conflict.” But again none of those are what I wanted to be known for!

So I thought about it more. Now remember, I am 23 asking this question, I had already moved out for college, worked retail since graduating high school, started a church plant and got married. I have been in church all my life, and a christian since I was 9 and yet it wasn’t my christianity that I wanted people to see. I mean, yes I wanted people to see Jesus in me, but besides the good christian girl, what else could I be so proud of? What else about life, do I just love? What about me did I want everyone to know? Who was I? Well, I was Trevin Anderson’s wife. That was something I was proud of. The decision process within and the story of our relationship was all something I was proud of. And sitting there at the desk, with the sun coming through a glass window, I typed in the letters to name my blog site Andersonswife.

The timing was perfect. I was able to adjust instagram and vine, pintrest didn’t exist yet, or at least, I hadn’t been invited yet… but all in all – that is who I was and that is still who I am today.

Andersonswife isn’t a name drop for me, but it’s a role in my home, my church and my community. More than ever, with all the toxic, out of bounds femininity that has been breathing fire down the backs of our generation and beating the men who are called by God to lead, the name of Andersonswife says, I surrender and choose. I surrender to the one God raised and created to lead me and my family. I choose to daily serve and partner with Trevin to build a life we love, a family that loves being together and extends the Kingdom of God. 

Andersons Stand

Andersons Stand

Ten years ago, I crafted my first blog post and neglected to click the publish button. For the last five years, I have created lists on new years and writing a book was always a resolution. Yes, I face fear of rejection, no I’m not a perfectionist in everything anymore (I’ve had kids), yes I still choose to do the right thing, and am still an introvert with extrovert tendencies. But you know what?! This month last year, I took a chance, and said “Who am I?” and “What do I want people to know about me?” This time I clicked on the mouse pad of my laptop and hit the publish button, and my first blog post was public. Seriously, ten years later. TEN!

Three months after I hit “publish” I penciled in “write a book” on my new years resolutions list again, and this time well, I did it. Currently, I am navigating the editing phase, wondering how much I should edit before sending it to the actual editor? I told my husband, it’s like when adding the seasoning to a meal, it’s almost ready, too much seasoning could ruin it and not enough it’s plain. That’s where I am, or at least where I think I am. ;)

Question: Do you remember those first few posts published on my blog last year? About Esther and the ones about Hannah? Women who stepped out of their comfort zones, risked being misunderstood, risked being labelled, and risked their comfort. One saved a nation by risking life and love after addressing some shady political positioning. The other gave birth to a child who God used to usher in a new kind of leadership over His people. Talk about influence! The heart of my blog is the same; leadership and family.



Weekly I am clicking the publish button and my heart still pounds. I’m not sure I’ll ever get over it, but one thing I know I won’t get over is YOU. Taking this journey as I develop the writing gift that I have been so nervous to do. I appreciate you. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey. This month I am so excited to share it’s my blogs FIRST BIRTHDAY! To celebrate I am giving away one $25 amazon giftcard to one lucky subscriber. Anyone who subscribes to in the month of October will be entered to win an Amazon gift card valued at $25. A present to celebrate! You won’t want to miss out- Next week I am getting in deep with my “How To Face Anything” Blog Series. A series for discouraged leaders, any kind of leader: lonely leaders, leaders with leaders above them and leaders who are responsible for other leaders. (Basically that means parents, teachers, pastors, managers, you get the point.) ;) I have been crafting these posts for about 7 months now, cried over them and wrestled with the language and let me tell ya… It’s good! Join me for the rest of October for an encouraging month and birthday celebration. Don’t forget to subscribe! The winner will be announced November 3rd. 

Photos 1 & 2 by Federico, Photo 3 by McKenna Meyerson.