Reception: A Series Of Interviews On The Heart Of Hospitality (Featuring Mimi Law)





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Mimi is a working mom who has been hosting parties for as long as she can remember. She says “Hospitality is making another person feel welcomed and received. I don’t like being somewhere for the first time or even a hundred times but not feel welcomed.” Mimi’s experience with hosting is varied. From classroom parties for her beautiful daughters at school, to bible study groups, fundraisers and birthday bashes for 200+ people, this is a woman who finds hosting natural for her. And it shows! Even though hosting can be stressful, Mimi loves the challenge of getting people together to celebrate something grand.“Growing up in a big family, we’ve always had large events. Guess, you could say it was part of our Laotian culture. It was also expected of us growing up to be hospitable and respectful to all who came to our events.” Mimi’s heart for hospitality is one that spreads love and warmth to others. She believes that if you don’t love what you are doing, it will show. Thankfully, she loves hosting! I don’t know anyone who turns down an invitation from the Law family. Depending on how big the event is will decide how she sends her invitations; guests will receive a text for the smaller and more casual gatherings, and for her large scale events, she prefer’s planning a get-together, Mimi prefer’s pen and paper (seem’s to be a theme for our creative hosts, hmm?). She will write down her ideas, dates, times, potential themes, and menu ideas. Among the to-do lists and things to remember she will always plan for more than what she needs. Whether it’s supplies, decor, or food. “That last thing I want to do is to not have enough of something” says our hard working hostess. Mimi is also blessed to be apart of a family who loves to celebrate as well! “My friends and family are very generous at offering their services, so I don’t lack in “go-to” people.” This I can attest to be true. At many of the events I have been invited to, Mimi’s sister-in-laws, her daughters and friends all participate in the preparation, celebration and clean up together. What great memories they are making!At the end of every event, Mimi knows it went well when there is positive feedback during and after the event. When friends ask for recipes, party ideas and other info, that is how she knows a great time was had by all. I have to interject one thing I have also noticed about Mimi when she throws parties for her daughters, when there is food left over (because every good party has FOOD!), when there is leftovers, the Law family will pack the food in to-go boxes and give them to the homeless before they leave the park. It’s so inspiring. This family gives, when they are celebrating something significant in their life! This is one of the reasons I asked to interview Mimi. Her generosity is what makes her an incredible hostess. Their gatherings extend beyond the four walls of the building they are in and blesses strangers who they don’t even know. How many parties bless not only the guests, but the lonely and the hungry? The Law parties do. Simply amazing.

Mimi has seven great tips for the new hostess! Try these as you prep for Thanksgiving:

1.There’s always going to be a hiccup. Don’t expect everything to go according to what you plan or envision

2.To help reduce stress, always have a backup plan.

3.Ask for help and don’t be afraid to accept help.

4.Have an assistant, if possible.

5.Communicate with your group.

6.Wear comfortable shoes!

7.Have fun!

What is your favorite tip from Mimi’s list? Tell us in the comments! Which one will you try this holiday?

Mimi has been married to Jamey Law for 17 years, and together they have 5 lovely daughters, Madey, Emma, Mia, Naomi, and Joy. Mimi owns and runs a car lot with her husband at Law Auto, since 2005.

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