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I hope you had a meaningful Christmas regardless of it’s size or cost. Mine was all kinds of magical and messy actually. Pretty sure I did more dishes and laundry than I normally do, although I’m not sure how that happened. Anyway- If you’re short on time this weekend, I wanted to send a quick message to show you what is coming up in 2019 and I hope you’re excited because you are literally the first to find out:

  1. January: All about goals… like every other blogger. But unlike all the other blogs, I’m going to share with you five completely HORRIBLE things you’ll experience when reaching for goals, so you aren’t thrown off course! And other things like how setting goals keeps Mr. Anderson and I on the same page all year. Que: Healthy FIGHTING only! These ideas you can use with friends, family, co-workers, it’s not just for couples.

  2. February: COUPLES series… for singles who want to get married and currently engaged & married couples. Trevin and I are sharing some things we’ve learned from our first decade being married. Get your pen and paper ready, folks!

  3. March: Discipleship Series… except with a better title. This series covers testimonies and interviews with girls I have had the incredible privilege to serve, by leading in some way, throughout our friendship. If you want to take the WEIRDNESS out of discipleship this is the series for you!

  4. April: Real Love Series and an Easter post for LEADERS ONLY.

I plan to make an ebook available to you titled “Thinking To Build” as well as a PDF for women who are wanting to get into the ministry. I can’t wait to tell you more about that! Also, a book update is coming soooo soon. Yea, that one book… running title is “Power Of The Practical!” Like it? I am literally counting down the days and hours before I send my manuscript to Washington D.C. in the mail. Counting down and freaking out actually.

So, while you wait for all of this good stuff and while I’ll hustle to get it to you, download this worksheet from my Facing Fear series to help you in Chasing A Dream [blog_subscription_form subscribe_text=“Enter your email to subscribe to notifications from this site”]