21 Things Girls Do That Make Guys Run


 In the words of my friend Beyonce Knowles… okay we aren’t really friends, but still, “ALL THE SINGLE LADIES! all the single ladies. ALL THE SINGLE LADIES! all the single ladies. ALL THE SINGLE LADIES!” This post is just for you. Cuz I love you and I was you once.

Listen girls, there are incredible guys out there in uno-land. Who are, you know, uno or single. And while many of you are doing great making friends and keeping them and not letting it get weird, some of us just need a bit more help. So for this weekend please consider myself and Trevin your brother and sister, as we share with you 21 things girls do that make guys RUN!

See here’s the thing, I feel like so many times we work so hard to become the Proverbs 31 woman that we get lost in all the things we should do before looking at what we shouldn’t do! Basically we end up complicating our personalities and lives, and end up exhausted, lonely, and desperate. Our lives are filled with emotion and compromise. After talking with Mr. Anderson I wanted to share with you some areas that girls need discipline or need to give attention too. You ready? Hold your breath my friends. I’m giving it to you straight:

Guys run when girls are:

Clingy then start to ignore the guy as the friendship continues on

Talking about their weight excessively

Not taking care of themselves (food, exercise, hygiene, clothes, etc.)

Sharing bodily functions

Talking (just to talk and fill space)

Starting an argument just because

Never admitting they made a mistake

Being late

Being indecisive

Being too messy / Being too clean

Not understanding how much their significant other loves them

Overly emotional


Over estimating a relationship

Giving attention to other people instead of him

Over spiritualizing everything

Mommy/Daddy Issues

Too Materialistic

Somewhat flirty with more than one guy and then that specific guy is in the friend zone

*Lack of a devotional life

*No vision for their lives

Now I want to make something clear. Notice this list doesn’t say anything about being ugly or being a supermodel, too tall or too fat, and that it doesn’t say anything that makes you think you have to have the perfect manners or be the cool girl that hangs with all the guys.

What this list implies is that the kind of girls that guys want to date are:

Fun (however your personality fits)

Brave (as you learn and grow in confidence)

Willing to change (apologize when your wrong, kindly hang in there when your right)

Know what you like and don’t like (Mexican food, action movies, college football over NFL, you get the picture…)

Willing to make decisions and work hard to reach goals (finances, education, job, health, etc.)

Disciplined enough to take care of herself (mental, emotional, spiritual & physical health)

Learning & aware of her limits (keeps her word, doesn’t over commit, rests when she needs it, but doesn’t hide from an opportunity to hang out)

In healthy relationships with people (including family and friends)

In love with the church (and takes care of others as her way of showing it)

In love with God (prays and reads her bible regularly)

Ladies, this year if you are wanting to find a boyfriend or are already in a new relationship and want to do it right, pick one thing you relate to on the first list we shared, learn self-care and learn self-control. Be brave! Be fun! Be kind! Know who you are and who your God is, and you will be irresistible. Pray and ask God for help to soften the rough edges of who you are and strengthen the weaknesses inside your heart, and that He would do the same with your Mr. as you both wait for each other. You might be alone right now, but that doesn’t mean you are unloved.

Listen girls, you never want to be in a relationship with someone who isn’t surrendered to God. If you work hard to obey the Lord, the man you want to be with, and that you want to lead you or your future family, should obey the Lord as much, if not more than you do. Ask God what you should grow or adjust in your life, so you become not just a girlfriend or wife, but so that you become all that God has always dreamed you would become. Remember what Luke 1:45 says, “Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill what he has spoken to her!”

Now I have a fun question for you: Can you guess which issue was mine until Trevin told me to quit it? Haha. Let me know what you think!