Discipleship Analysis


Have you thought about how well you disciple? Late last year, I was thinking about doing a discipleship series for this month, but I wanted to make it interesting and nothing  I was coming up with really stood out to me. My husband suggested I reach out to some people in whom I have invested, to see if they would describe how I disciple…

Ummm- slightly nerve wracking, because what if how I think I disciple and how they say I disciple don’t line up?!?!? Yet, I also loved the idea so I did it. I asked for feedback.

For the next few weeks, you’re going to hear from some of “my girls” on how they think I do when it comes to this thing called discipleship. Honestly, it has been so fun hearing from them because each situation is so different and as I reflect all I can say is that God is so good!

I asked each person six questions about how I mentor/disciple and I told them not to sugarcoat anything. Here are the questions:

  1. In your experience (working with me, being friends with me and having me invest into you) why is discipleship so important?

  2. How is “doing life” or being friends with a mentor beneficial to the one being invested in?

  3. What does systematic discipleship do for you? (Like a weekly or bi-weekly conversations, etc.)

  4. What does spontaneous discipleship do for you? (Like the one off, 911 moments & unplanned funny moments or coffee trips)

  5. In your own words can you describe discipleship and our friendship? Is it weird? If so why? If not? Why? How can we avoid weirdness in our friendship?

  6. Can you share all or a part of your testimony? How has my influence in your life helped you get to where you are now?

I am excited to share with you their answers! Join me next week to hear some discipleship TRUTH from McKenna. Until then- find some one you are investing in and ask them one or all of these questions. Find out how well you are doing or how you could be more effective. Let’s disciple together well!