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Over the summer I read four books that I have decided will shape my leadership in the future, and will continue to resource over time. I wanted to share those with you! Here they are:

1. Hero Maker; By Dave Ferguson and Warren Bird

2. The Courage To Be Disliked; By Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga

3. Hope Prevails; By Dr. Michelle Bengtson

4. Developing Female Leaders; By Kadi Cole

I plan to provide a full book review for Developing Female Leaders in two weeks. Until then, below is a quick glimpse of what each of the books covers.

Friends, check out my blog post next week for the books I read with my oldest son over the summer that helped us discuss important issues like racism, pornography, body safety, cussing, and spiritual warfare. Until then consider checking these books out at your library or purchasing them from Amazon!

Have a great weekend!

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Hero Maker

Five Essential Practices For Leaders To Multiply Leaders

By Dave Ferguson and Warren Bird

One of the executive leaders at my church recommended that our staff read this book. I am glad I got a copy. I thought this book gave some good practical steps for multiplying leaders. This book is a helpful tool to inspire and equip leaders who want to raise and release world changers, instead of raise leaders only to micromanage them, or instead of releasing leaders without first being developed. One thing that sets this book apart from other leadership books is that is gives you things to say when you are in a leadership situation. Sometimes giving “big ideas” but not giving examples of “how to say it” isn’t helpful. This book does a great job at guiding you on how to speak as a leader who wants to raise leaders who reproduce leaders more themselves. #BeAHeroMaker

The Courage To Be Disliked

The Japanese Phenomenon That Shows You How To Change Your Life and Achieve Real Happiness

By Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga

I really liked it and appreciate the tools and language this book gave me as people pleasing is a weakness of mine that I am continually working to strengthen. This book is heavy on philosophy and psychology, and I recommend those with (at least some) theological understanding read this. If you are a newer Christian please consider going through this book with another mature Christian as the language can become confusing at times and the Bible should be our starting point for all personal development and source of identity.

This book discusses topics like: People choose not to change, Why you dislike yourself, All problems are interpersonal relationship problems, Inferiority complex, Life is not a competition, Power struggle vs. revenge, Life lie’s, What real freedom is, The problem with reward and consequence education… very interesting thoughts.

I completed this book via AUDIO, so I was able to “speed listen” and catch the main ideas faster than I probably would have if I had just read it.

Hope Prevails;

Insights from a Doctor’s Personal Journey through Depression

By Dr. Michelle Bengtson

An older woman in my church mentors me through books. She finds great books and gets me a copy knowing that A) they will be a blessing to me as an author or B) I use the knowledge that I gain through reading as I mentor or in my writings. She was reading this book and asked me if she could buy me a copy, thinking I could help people on my blog if I read it. Of course, I did not say no! In my own life I have wrestled with short seasons of depression, including but not limited, to postpartum depression after delivering both my children. I truly feel like this book is a God-send for anyone experiencing any level of depression and for any reason. 

At the end of every chapter Dr. Michelle gives the reader homework assignments that are tasks to complete, not necessarily questions to answer. For example she lists verses to put on your mirror so you see them every day, and if you have followed me here on andersonswife for very long you know that I love that practice! She also provides a new playlist at the end of every chapter, as something to help your soul process by as you are doing your homework and going through your situation. 

The thing that sets this book apart from other books about depression is that it covers the spiritual side of the issue. She talks about what God does, what the Devil can and cannot do, and so forth. It’s a very healing and equipping book. It makes me less afraid of depression. I highly recommend it for anyone who is battling depression and for someone who has a loved one who is depressed.

Developing Female Leaders

Navigate The Minefields And Release

The Potential Of Women In Your Church

By Kadi Cole

I don’t want to give away too much here because in two weeks I’ll be giving a full review on this book. But here are a few thoughts: This book is a tool provided by Leadership Network and published by Harper Collins Christian Publishing. It is written by a woman for high-level leading men that want to find ways to encourage their wives, daughters, and other women in their congregation to lead at high-levels. I also know so many women who are reading this book and also finding great insight to ways they can continue to foster their own personal development wherever they are in the church.

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