Photography by Federico X. Photography.  *Unless otherwise noted.

Photography by Federico X. Photography. *Unless otherwise noted.

Hi friends! I’m Stephanie Anderson. I like my coffee with sweetened coconut milk. I love chips & salsa, and vacations with my husband and kiddos anywhere that starts with a “d” and ends with an “-isney.” You can find me spending time with my family, cleaning our airbnb, or serving my church and community. My aim is to encourage you to live practically while accessing the power of God in your daily life!

Now on to the lesser important things, mentioned in the third person:

Stephanie is a woman of sincere humility, refreshing honesty, and knows how to express herself with humor and depth of understanding. She loves God's Word and yearns to serve His people effectively & intelligently with compassion and wisdom.

Stephanie is a six wing seven on the enneagram, an adult pastor’s kid who pastors with her husband, Trevin Anderson, at Mannahouse (formerly known as City Bible Church) in Portland, Oregon. Together they are raising two children, Boston and Brecken, who inspire her daily.

Background Experience Includes:
Content Creation, Teaching & Communication, Team Building & Culture Shaping, Mentoring & Common Care Counseling, Church Planting, Event Planning, Problem Solving, Administration, Music and Family Life; *All of these specializing in, but not limited to: Children’s Ministries, Small groups, Large-Scale Events, Adult Ministries, and Women’s Ministries.