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Are you tired of reaching for the promises of an extraordinary life, while struggling to live ordinary life effectively? I get it! No one escapes the fact that life is difficult. Absolute truth doesn’t seem to make sense in real life these days. When you read this book you will discover the Bible is a tool that is both powerful and practical for everyday living. When you’re done with this book you'll be able to make at least one shift in your day-to-day routine and find yourself at the beginning of living life effectively. Will you Read The Book?



Topics Covered:

How the Bible changes our lives for real

How to hear God

Understanding times and seasons

What the Bible doesn’t tell you

How to rest in the power (of the Word)


Chapter Titles & Book Contents:




1 Powerful and Practical

2 The Problem with Jesus, Our Lord and Savior

3 Power Comes from the Word

4 Power Comes from His Word

5 Power Comes from Understanding Times and Seasons

6 The Paradox

7 The Bible Doesn’t Say That

8 Resting In The Power

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Taken from Read the Book,

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What’s coming next?

*Read The Book journey (Devotional/Bible Study experience)

*Read The Book effective living online summit (2020)

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