My Thoughts on "Developing Female Leaders"

Over the last five to six years I have been growing in my awareness and understanding of what it means to be a woman in the ministry, women in the Bible, motherhood pros and cons, and my “gifts and skills development" compared to my “dreams and current realities.”

Shortly after I felt like I had come to an “invisible wall” Trevin and I had a great conversation with some friends from Spokane, Idaho. They suggested I read the book titled: Developing Female Leaders by Kadi Cole.

Since reading this book, I have had language to explain what I am seeing, how I am feeling, and what I’d like to learn more of, especially within the framework of this topic.

If you are a pastor, volunteer at your local non-profit, parent/grandparent, business owner, or have a pulse, I highly encourage you to read this book!

This book was written for the “good guys”…

. . . the men who want to see the women in their lives become all God has called them to be YET keep experiencing (all different kinds of) hurdles.

In this book Kadi share’s how women can thrive regardless of the theological and philosophical belief’s leaders have within their communities, and that they should thrive so the Gospel is spread and the kingdom of God is advanced. THAT is what I love about this book!!! 

Kadi stays on point. The point is the advancement of the Church and the truth of the Gospel being shared!

In the first few chapters she helps dissect theology and philosophy, building from that foundation, the rest of the book is filled with very practical ideas that leaders (male or female) can use to encourage women in different seasons, backgrounds, and challenges, in flourishing.

Let me be very clear, for the year of 2019, the book that has impacted me the most besides the Bible is THIS BOOK!

Kadi discusses hindrances including: seasons of womanhood, organizational structures, cultural conditioning, stain-glass ceilings, and sticky floors all while staying clear in her communication, without pointing fingers, and overwhelming her reader.

The thing that is different about Kadi versus other women who are speaking up about this issue is that she is addressing structure and organizational realities, without sounding like she has a chip on her shoulder or like she is bitter and hates men. In Developing Female Leaders Kadi Cole identifies real problems and provides real workable and scalable solutions for churches and organizations of any size.

If you are a leader of any capacity, consider reading this book, so that you can begin to identify the women God has placed in your group or community that can take on projects or area’s of responsibility.

If you are raising a daughter, consider reading this book, so you don’t unknowingly “condition” her to expect less of herself. Moms, trust me on this one!

This book isn’t just for the guys, it’s also for women who want more than just their own experience to draw from when communicating to create opportunity in their community.

Remember what I said about finding an “invisible wall” in my life? Well guess what Kadi writes about on page two? Yup! An invisible boundary. Later in the book she discusses disillusionment of which, until I read that paragraph, I suffered from due to a lack of clarity since transitioning churches and leadership development paths. I’m pretty sure she stocked me to write some of this book ;) After reading this book I know how to lead other women better, I know how to raise my boys better, I know how to talk to men in leadership better (including my amazing husband), and finally I know more about myself better and have a path for my own development.

Mostly, I feel known. Seen. Heard. and most importantly: Understood and Believed in.

I have personally had a one-on-one coaching call with Kadi and have been apart of two zoom calls with 31 other women to develop myself and learn how to develop others so they too can lead. I am so thankful God has placed her in the body of Christ in the United States for such a time as this.

If you want to hear more about this book check out this podcast where Carey Nieuwhof interviews Kadi Cole. I promise you will only be disappointed if you DON’T listen.

To wrap up this book review, I am giving one copy of the book away on my facebook page! Go here for details.

Or buy your own copy. I hope you are just as encouraged and challenged as I was.

Have a great day friends!

xo, Steph

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